What our staff do at Lawson stores

What our staff do at Lawson stores What our staff do at Lawson stores

Here we introduce various tasks performed by Lawson store crews (store crew, cooking crew, delivery crew and cleaning crew), which include many foreign members.

Our multilingual cash register helps you work with confidence.
Main tasks include cashier operation, customer service, moving goods from the stockroom and displaying them, cleaning, simple cooking, etc.
There are many tasks to learn, but you will start with easy tasks and learn step by step. For all tasks, you’ll receive attentive training and manuals as well as support from the manager and other crew members.
Don’t worry if you’re not good at reading and writing Japanese. Lawson’s cash registers have multilingual displays (simplified Chinese, Vietnamese and Nepalese). You’ll have many opportunities to learn Japanese from Japanese colleagues and customers. Foreign colleagues can also provide advice on living and working in Japan.
Even if you’re unsure about working in Japan, you can work with confidence because Lawson is a pleasant workplace for staff from abroad.

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Simple cooking responsibilities like heating, frying, cutting and arranging.
Cooking tasks are easy in Lawson store kitchens. Even those who lack Japanese conversation skills will find it simple because no customer service is required. You’ll make bentos, onigiri, sandwiches, side dishes and more by simply heating, frying and cutting or arranging ready-cooked items in containers. Then you’ll display them in the store.
No cooking experience, skills or qualifications are necessary to become a member of Lawson’s cooking crew. Training and manuals are provided for all tasks and experienced senior staff members fully support you. Illustrations and photos make it easy to learn even if you aren’t good at reading and writing Japanese.

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Delivery of goods to customers in the community.
We carry goods from Lawson stores to customers’ homes. No driver’s license is necessary since special delivery carts and bicycles are used. Every trip is short because we only deliver to homes within 500 meters of the store. Moreover, most items are light enough for females and elderly staff to easily carry.
Full training and manuals are provided for these jobs. Many of the delivery crew are foreign staff and/or those with no prior delivery experience. There’s no need to worry about unfamiliarity with the neighborhood or details of learning the job. Experienced staff members will accompany you in the beginning and you will gradually learn the job by becoming familiar with the area's geography, landmarks, delivery routes, etc.

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Cleaning inside the store and its surroundings
In accordance with a cleaning schedule, the crew cleans fast food display showcases, coffee machines, store shelves, floors, restrooms and outside the store. Even foreign staff members who lack Japanese reading and writing skills will find this job easy. To ensure thorough hygiene management, cleaning crews complete each task according to the schedule, within the allocated time.
This job is easy for those who can’t speak Japanese well or have never worked in Japan. When a problem arises, experienced senior staff members provide helpful support. Please rest assured that we offer full training and manuals.

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