FAQ for non-Japanese part-time staff

FAQ for non-Japanese part-time staff FAQ for non-Japanese part-time staff

Frequently asked questions and answers for foreigners, including students, seeking a job in Japan.

Are interviews conducted in Japanese?
Yes, interviews are conducted in Japanese. The manager of the store where you want to work will interview you. Normally, there is only one interview.
How can I apply?
Please apply by using the entry form on the recruitment page of the Lawson official website. A staff member from the store you apply to will contact you by phone or email.
Is there an age limit to apply?
You must be over 15 years old. There is no other age limit.
How good should my Japanese be?
You should be capable of daily conversation.
Are particular skills required to work at Lawson?
No particular skills or qualifications are required. A manager or experienced senior staff member provides clear instructions. Please rest assured that most staff members start without related experience.
What documents are necessary for the interview?
Please bring the following two items to the interview.
1. Your passport
2. Your Japanese residence card (to confirm your work visa status)
What does the job include?
It includes cash register operation, customer service, simple cooking, goods display, cleaning, etc. A manual is provided for every task to ensure easy learning even if you have no experience.
What kind of people work at Lawson?
Our diverse staff includes males and females of various ages, nationalities, etc., including high school students, college students, international students, homemakers and seniors.
Are there any rules for clothing and hair?
We have grooming standards that will be explained at the interview.
Can I choose my work hours and days?
Yes. Please tell us your preferences at the interview.
Can I work at night?
Yes. Many of our non-Japanese staff members choose to work at night.
Do I have to work overtime?
Basically, there is no overtime. If we want you to work overtime, we will ask your availability in advance.